Meet Tara

African Elephant
November 15, 1982
African Savanna/Zambezi Elephant Center

Tara is the Zoo's more laid-back and easygoing elephant. She enjoys participating in voluntary training with her care team but is just as happy to spend time exploring her habitat on her own. Tara is a little shorter and rounder than the other elephant at Zoo Atlanta, Kelly. Tara is easy to distinguish from Kelly since she has a little more hair on her head and smoother ears, and has long hair on her tail. Tara really enjoys foraging in her habitat, interacting with her enrichment, and spending time in her mud wallow. Tara can be often seen carrying hay and browse tucked between her trunk and tusks as she searches for a good spot to have a snack. Her favorite foods are melons, apples, bananas, and any special plant browse her care team collects for her.

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