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Panda Updates – Wednesday, May 3

Ya Lun (pictured) and Xi Lun have been quite busy with some overnights exploring the past few days! Recently, we have begun giving Lun Lun and the cubs access to Dayroom 1 overnight. Previously, they all had access to three overnight dens. Now that they are older and getting more comfortable, they are given the choice of spending time in their dens, the hallway leading to their dens, or the dayroom. They are used to having the dayrooms during the day, so having access to them overnight is a whole new adventure! To encourage Lun Lun to go out to the dayroom at night, we have been leaving her plenty of fresh bamboo shoots. Not only does Lun Lun get a tasty treat, but the cubs often follow Mom and spend time out there. While Xi Lun is a bit more reserved and staying close to mom in the dens, Ya Lun has quickly figured out the system. After we set up the dayroom for overnight with shoots and give the three of them access, Ya Lun sprints out the door to find them while Lun is still busy with her bamboo inside. By the time Lun comes out, Ya Lun is done nibbling and ready to call it a night. The past few mornings we have found that Ya Lun appears to have spent most of her time snoozing in the dayroom, regardless of where mom and sister are. This is great news all around, as it shows the cubs are not only comfortable in their environment, but we are also able to provide them with more space overnight. I’m sure Lun Lun doesn’t mind the small breaks either!
Danica W.
Swing Keeper I, Mammals

(photo by Danica W.)

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