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Panda Updates – Wednesday, May 1

As a Swing Keeper, my job is to go where I’m needed in the Mammal Team. Things have been so calm and steady in the giant panda building lately that I’ve hardly seen the pandas in a month! And that has led me to a revelation: The panda twins are SO big! Sometimes when you see someone or something every day, it’s hard to notice gradual changes. Being away for a few weeks gave me fresh eyes on Xi Lun and Ya Lun, and it’s amazing how much they’ve grown! They’re over two and a half years old now and have been independent from Lun Lun for more than a year. We’ve transitioned from calling them “cubs” to the more accurate title “sub-adults,” and they have truly come into their own personalities. They’re still only about half the size of Lun Lun, but they’ll catch up over the next few years. I am thankful that this mini-break has given me the opportunity to stop and appreciate how lucky we are to get to see them grow, from looking like they belong in the naked mole rat habitat to the strong, fluffy girls they are today. 
Michelle E.
Keeper II, Mammals

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