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Panda Updates- Monday, November 14

Hello everyone! My name is Mel and I am the newest member of the Panda Team. You may have seen me previously around the Zoo hosting presentations in the World of Wild Theater and Amy’s Tree Theater. I was fortunate enough to work as a keeper in the Ambassador Animals Department, where I very much enjoyed sharing the animals with Zoo guests. I recently transferred to the Panda Team and am super excited for this new chapter in my career. Giant pandas, and the red panda, are very different from the snakes, chinchillas, tortoises, and armadillos in Wieland Wildlife Home, but I have wonderful and knowledgeable care professionals to learn from. My first two weeks so far have been focused on learning the daily routine as well as each bear’s personality. They are all very unique from each other and I will enjoy forming relationships with each one. I’m sure you will be hearing from me in the future!

Mel S.
Keeper I, Carnivores

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