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Panda Updates – Friday, May 18

Where did this heat come from? I thought it was still spring for a little longer, but Georgia seems to have other plans. As we have mentioned before, giant pandas are built to handle the cold more than the heat. Luckily, we have to two indoor, climate-controlled spaces and a nice, air-conditioned behind-the-scenes space for them to keep cool. We try to rotate who spends the day behind-the-scenes, however. Yang Yang seems to enjoy it more so than the others, so he tends to get a few extra days back there each week. While behind-the-scenes, the pandas are seeing us even more often as we are constantly walking back and forth in front of them, so naturally, we talk to them and usually offer a few of their leafeater biscuits. Don’t tell the pandas, but they are getting the same amount of leafeater biscuits, regardless of whether they are in the dayrooms or behind-the-scenes.
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