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Panda Updates – Friday, April 19

Despite being the same age, Ya Lun and Xi Lun have always differed slightly in their priorities. They are both always ready for fresh bamboo, of course, but how they spend their time in between their meals varies quite a bit. I affectionately call Ya Lun a “tank” because she is always on the search for high-value rewards like leafeater biscuits, sugarcane, bananas, etc.  Xi Lun, however, is quite content sticking with a good piece of bamboo over a produce item or sugarcane. They both received some frozen banana as enrichment today, and Ya Lun immediately dropped the bamboo she had to enjoy her snack. Xi Lun, who was also offered frozen banana, chose to continue eating her bamboo instead. We always give the animals here at the Zoo choices and control over their days, and leaving a good snack for your sister to swoop up is an example of just that.

Danica W.

Keeper II, Mammals

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