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Panda Update – Wed. January 4 

Now that the cubs are able to walk a bit better, the next two tasks for them to tackle are climbing through the shift door into the adjacent den and managing to climb through the bamboo forest that Lun Lun leaves behind in order to follow her. Ya Lun has become quite the pro at … Continue reading "Panda Update – Wed. January 4 "

Keeper Stories – Tuesday, January 3

Move over Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence, there are some new celebs on the block! Okay, so our great apes won’t actually be walking the red carpet, but some of their vocalizations may be featured in a big upcoming Hollywood film. A film sound production crew made a stop at Zoo Atlanta to gather sound … Continue reading "Keeper Stories – Tuesday, January 3"

Panda Update – Monday, January 2

Happy New Year! It seems like just a week ago the cubs were barely walking around the dens…Oh wait! They were! The cubs have gotten incredibly good at walking in the last few days and have moved on to developing their running and climbing skills. Both girls have demonstrated their clumsy ability to climb over … Continue reading "Panda Update – Monday, January 2"

Panda Updates from 2016

Zoo Atlanta December 8, 2016  Giant panda twins’ names to be revealed at 100 Day Celebration on December 12 In one of their biggest milestones yet, the giant panda twins at Zoo Atlanta will receive their names at their 100 Day Naming Celebration on Monday, December 12, 2016. Zoo Atlanta invited fans around the world … Continue reading "Panda Updates from 2016"

Keeper Stories – Tuesday, December 27

Hello, everyone! The holidays came and went so quickly, didn’t they? We here at Zoo Atlanta love to take in all of the holiday cheer and we even let our gorillas get to take part in the holiday festivities! One way we can share the holiday season with our animals is through enrichment. This year … Continue reading "Keeper Stories – Tuesday, December 27"

Keeper Stories – December 20, 2016

Hey all! Seasonal Keeper Hayley here from the Herpetology Department and wow, has it been a busy week! Winter hibernation is going well for the indigo snakes and various turtles behind the scenes, so much so that many animals have actually gained weight from not eating! Many of the indigo snakes have actually gained at … Continue reading "Keeper Stories – December 20, 2016"

Giant Pandas Projects

The giant pandas at Zoo Atlanta are on loan from China. The Zoo pays an annual loan fee for the pandas, and this money is used for giant panda conservation. Zoo Atlanta has contributed over $10 million for conservation of giant pandas in China, making this our largest conservation investment. The majority of these funds are used … Continue reading "Giant Pandas Projects"

Keeper Stories – Thursday, December 15

Ho Ho Ho! Happy Holidays, readers! It’s been a great year here at Zoo Atlanta, especially in the Primate Department. We’ve had so many things happen this year, and I thought I’d share a few great moments. First of all, since my last blog, I’ve been promoted to full-time! Yay! Now you guys get to … Continue reading "Keeper Stories – Thursday, December 15"

Keeper Stories – Tuesday, December 13

As a pet owner like many of you out there, I have experienced the pain of having to say goodbye to beloved animal members of my family. That kind of heartbreak is never easy. Animal keepers certainly know that their Zoo charges are not pets, and I for one have absolutely no desire to bring … Continue reading "Keeper Stories – Tuesday, December 13"

Chilean Flamingo Banding Project

Since 2007, Zoo Atlanta has supported a flamingo banding project in Bolivia. Bolivia is home to three species of wild flamingos: the Andean flamingo, the Puna flamingo and the Chilean flamingo, which is the species we have here at the Zoo. Most people think of flamingos as being very tropical, but these species are actually … Continue reading "Chilean Flamingo Banding Project"