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Update on Angolan colobus infant

Zoo Atlanta is saddened to share that the Angolan colobus infant born to Lami on July 15, 2017, was found deceased on July 21, 2017.

Lami, 12, is an experienced mother, and the Zoo’s Animal Management and Veterinary Teams had observed no signs of any problems following the birth. The infant had been nursing, vocalizing, and holding onto its mother normally over the past week.

All animal newborns are fragile, even in the care of the most skilled mothers and caregivers. The mortality rate for colobus infants in their first year of life is estimated at between 25 and 31 percent.

As is the case with all animal deaths at Zoo Atlanta, a necropsy will be performed by the Zoo’s Veterinary Team, and results should be available in several weeks. The Angolan colobus family group is currently in a behind-the-scenes area of their Monkeys of Makokou habitat.

While not currently classified as endangered, Angolan colobus populations face increasing threats in their native Africa. Like many other Old World monkey species, they are subject to habitat loss and hunting for the bushmeat trade.

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