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“A chili plant and a bee stop an elephant from walking into a farm …”

You’re on the front porch of your home in a swing, and steam rises from a warm cup of coffee as the aroma of the beans hits your nose.  In the distance, you hear birds calling to each other.  The heat of the mug warms your aching hands. As you watch the sun set, you … Continue reading "“A chili plant and a bee stop an elephant from walking into a farm …”"


Santa makes his annual holiday stop at the Zoo on December 3 and 4 WHAT: Tickets are on sale now for Cookies with Santa – Santa’s annual stop in the home of more than 1,000 animals from around the world. Santa parks his sleigh in the Michael & Thalia Carlos Ballroom in Savanna Hall on … Continue reading "TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE FOR COOKIES WITH SANTA"

Sven and the Mysterious Nutrition Kitchen

By Robert Amrhein, Keeper III Ambassador Animals Illustrations by Summit St. John, Ambassador Animals Intern One day two, fluffy, sheep best friends were just waking up from their afternoon nap and were thinking about what to do. That’s when Sven, a young excitable sheep, had an amazing idea! “Benson!” Sven exclaimed to his silly little … Continue reading "Sven and the Mysterious Nutrition Kitchen"

Skin: An Additional Tool for the Versatile Elephant Trunk

Zoo Atlanta is very proud to have partnered with doctoral student Andrew Schulz of the Georgia Institute of Technology on this groundbreaking study exploring the amazing mechanics of the elephant trunk.  Additionally, Zoo Atlanta’s Director of Research, Dr. Joe Mendelson, served on Andrew’s doctoral committee. Check out the article below from Jason Maderer of Georgia Tech … Continue reading "Skin: An Additional Tool for the Versatile Elephant Trunk"

Cooking out for conservation

Ahhh, sweet summertime – the season of pool parties, blockbuster movies, backyard barbecues and community cookouts. As we enjoy the culinary offerings at these events, we may not be thinking about our personal health (in fact, I’d encourage you not to). The beauty of a One Health perspective is that we don’t need to focus … Continue reading "Cooking out for conservation"

A One Health Approach to Skincare

Here we are in late spring / early summer! With the changing of seasons comes the changing of your skin’s needs. While a heavy-duty moisturizer is key for winter, a lightweight sunscreen is the star of summer skincare. However, regardless of the season, it’s important to ask yourself three key questions before choosing something from … Continue reading "A One Health Approach to Skincare"

The hardworking parenting of strawberry poison frogs

Hi! My name is Sam, and I am a member of the Herpetology Team here at Zoo Atlanta! Today I’d like to take you south of Atlanta to the humid lowlands and premontane forests of Central America where a very special, tiny creature lives. It is called Oophaga pumilio, commonly known as the strawberry poison frog! … Continue reading "The hardworking parenting of strawberry poison frogs"

Multitasking during colder temperatures

The days might finally be getting longer, but those temperatures are still on the chilly side, and here at Zoo Atlanta this gives us unique opportunities to do a little bit more “housekeeping” when the gorillas spend the colder days in their behind-the-scenes indoor areas. Hi, I’m Sara Fee, Senior Keeper on the Gorilla Care … Continue reading "Multitasking during colder temperatures"

Rule-breaking birds and felonious fowl

Birds come in all different shapes, colors, sizes … and personalities. Some of our birds here at Zoo Atlanta are real characters. Getting to know different animals’ personalities is a really rewarding part of being a care professional, but it can also be extremely frustrating to work with birds who like to break the rules. … Continue reading "Rule-breaking birds and felonious fowl"

Milestones for Kiazi the southern white rhino

As you may recall from a previous Keeper Stories, Zoo Atlanta recently welcomed a new arrival: southern white rhino Kiazi! Kiazi recently finished her quarantine period, which is standard for all new arrivals here at Zoo Atlanta. Due to this quarantine period, Kiazi has yet to share space with Mumbles, the Zoo’s male southern white … Continue reading "Milestones for Kiazi the southern white rhino"