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The new Georgia River turtle couple

If anyone has visited Scaly Slimy Spectacular recently, you may have noticed some changes happening. One change in particular is that we no longer have our female alligator snapping turtle inside the main gallery. She now lives in the Georgia River habitat with many other turtles, including our big male alligator snapping turtle, Flint. Moving the female was not terribly complicated, being that she only weighs about 40 pounds, but we wanted to also use this opportunity to get a weight on the big male snapping turtle. It turns out he weighs nearly 90 pounds. So, while we had the male out of the habitat, we let the female explore a bit so she could get to know her new home and find out where all the hiding and basking places were. After she had settled down, we put Flint back in. The two got along perfectly – well, as perfectly as two old reptiles can; you can now come and see them often sleeping next to each other in our Georgia River habitat.
Char Roe
Keeper I, Herpetology

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