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Panda Update – Wednesday, July 26

A few days ago we were privileged to have the Atlanta Journal-Constitution out to the Zoo to visit Ya Lun and Xi Lun and get an update on how quickly the cubs have grown and their upcoming first birthdays. We had the area all prepped and ready, assuming Ya Lun would be the adventurous one to check out anything and everything new, while Xi Lun stayed further away watching from a safe distance. Nope. Not even close. Ya Lun spent the whole time happily eating her biscuits and lounging, while Xi Lun was checking out the new enrichment, different people, and big camera. These two never cease to keep me on my toes. They have also been shining stars with recall training — using positive reinforcement to cue and reward them shifting from location to location on their own. I’ve got big hopes for these two ladies as they grow up!
Stephanie B.
Curator of Mammals

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