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The gift that keeps on giving

Hi everyone, Kyle here from the Bird Team. It is that time of year to start decorating the house with...
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Who are you calling a dummy?

If you have been keeping up with Zoo Atlanta’s social media, or have had the pleasure of visiting us recently,...
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On track with record keeping

You probably already know that animal care professionals are responsible for doing lots of things for the animals they care...
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Zoo Atlanta: The Natural World Comes Alive

Spend the morning exploring The Ford African Rain Forest and the afternoon viewing wildlife from South America. Visit reptiles and...
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Water, Water Everywhere! (grade 6th)

6th grade
Dive in and explore how Earth’s water plays a vital role in animal migration and the life cycles of animals.  ...
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Successful breeding season for Chilean flamingos

Nine chicks are the newest additions in one of the top flamingo programs in the U.S. Nesting season is winding...
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A year in review

Wrapping up the research year around Zoo Atlanta, I’d like to thank the readers out there who have been reading...
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Endotherms vs. ectotherms and their care

Over the past two months, I have transitioned from working in the Herpetology Department to working with the feathered relatives...
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New kids in the flock

They’re baaack! Those little balls of fluff everyone has been missing the last six weeks are back in their habitat!...
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One Leg Up

Well, it certainly is one of the most frequent questions we get from guests at the Zoo: “Excuse me, but...
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Keeper Stories – Tuesday, March 7

The days are getting warmer, the trees are blooming, and the birds are singing. Spring must be right around the...
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Chilean Flamingo Banding Project

Since 2007, Zoo Atlanta has supported a flamingo banding project in Bolivia. Bolivia is home to three species of wild...
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Flamingo Talk

Learn more on about our flock of Chilean flamingos with fun facts on their diet, behaviors and more!
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Tuesday, July 12

You know breeding season is in full swing when everything in the flamingo habitat is covered in mud. This includes...
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Tuesday, January 19

Next week we are shipping four of our 2014-hatch flamingos to the zoo in West Palm Beach. Easy to write,...
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