Children's activities

Our kids’ activities offer a range of opportunities, from interactive and engaging mystery hunts, to grooving as your favorite animal, to a calming storybook reading time. 

Activity Type: Children's activities:

Naked Mole Rat Playground

Kids can tunnel the naked mole rat way with an interactive play experience designed to mimic their underground lives.

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KIDZone Playground

Play, climb, and explore our interactive KIDZone Playground!

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Zoo’s Clues

Help Detective Clue Spotter the Otter crack the case with monthly mysteries geared toward 6 to 12-year-olds.

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Scaly Slimy Snack Time

See reptiles at Scaly Slimy Spectacular being fed their meals, and learn about the adaptations that carnivorous, omnivorous, and herbivorous...

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