Children's activities

Zoo Atlanta offers a range of fun opportunities for kids, including interactive mystery hunts, engaging stage presentations, hands-on learning activities at our Conservation Carts, creating works of nature-based art by our native Bird Garden, and more!


Activity Type: Children's activities:

Dora Scavenger Hunt

Grown Ups! Download a digital scavenger hunt activity sheet to complete with your kids.

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Giraffe Feeding

Join the Zoo Atlanta Team and hand-feed the tallest living land mammals!

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Treetop Tykes Trail

Presented by Kaiser Permanente. An all-new ropes course experience for our youngest adventurers.

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KIDZone Playground

Play, climb, and explore our interactive KIDZone Playground!

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Petting Zoo

Make new buddies in Outback Station, featuring friendly goats and sheep!

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Goat Feeding Opportunities

Feed the goats and alpacas for 50 cents (we are only accepting change at this time). 

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Zoo Seekers

Spark your curiosity and discover the surprising ways humans and animals are connected to the world around us in this...

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Games on the Savanna

Join us for a quick game to learn about and connect with your favorite African savanna animal. You may be...

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Conservation Stations

Find these mobile stations throughout the Zoo to learn about a variety of conservation issues.

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Naked Mole Rat Playground

Kids can tunnel the naked mole rat way with an interactive play experience designed to mimic their underground lives.

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Animal Tales: Storybook Reading

Each storybook reading is followed by a tactile experience such as touching animal artifacts, exploring a themed sensory bin...

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