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We’re on the job every day

Hi everyone, my name is Kyle Grace, and I am a Herpetology Keeper here at Zoo Atlanta. While everyone spent the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family, an animal care professional’s job is never done. Here at Zoo Atlanta, we have a dedicated team of professionals. The animals still require the same high level of care they receive every other day of the year, so our team is here even on holidays.

In the Herpetology Department alone, there are over 100 different species that can be found all over the world and require specialized care, be it checking temperature and humidity parameters, water quality and overall health. We also have to make sure animals are fed, and we even make sure medications are given to those animals that are under specialized veterinary care.

Even throughout the holiday season, zookeepers are still on the job every day! So if you have any zookeepers or other animal care professionals in your life, give them a big thank you for all the hard work and dedication they put into providing the highest level of care for the animals we all love.
Kyle Grace
Keeper II, Herpetology

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