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Grey Parrot

This endangered species, formerly known as the African grey parrot, can be found throughout the western parts of middle Africa....
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Crowned Lemur

Crowned lemurs, like all lemurs, are primates only found on the island of Madagascar, off the southeastern coast of Africa....
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Komodo Dragon

Komodo dragons are Earth’s largest living lizards and are part of the large family known as monitor lizards.
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Red Panda

Red pandas are classified in their own family, Ailuridae, and are distantly related to raccoons. Unlike their name suggests,...
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Ring-tailed Lemur

Ring-tailed lemurs are named for the distinctive, alternating black-and-white bands along their tails. They reside in southern and southwestern Madagascar...
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Giant Otter

As the name implies, these are the longest of all otter species. Like other otters, they are highly aquatic and...
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Lappet-faced Vulture

Like all vultures and condors, these large birds are scavengers on carcasses. They soar over large areas searching for food...
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Drills are very distinctive primates that are related to baboons. They live in complex social groups led by a single...
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Golden Lion Tamarin

These small monkeys live only in the unique Atlantic Coastal Forests of Brazil, where they are endangered mostly because of...
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Spotted Turtle

A shy inhabitant of shallow wetlands in eastern North America, the spotted turtle gets its name from the distinctive spotted...
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