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Keeper Stories – Tuesday, January 17

Did you survive the snow-pocalypse 2.0? It wasn’t as bad as the first go round, but we still had enough ice that the Zoo was closed. But what actually happens when the Zoo closes down for bad weather like a snowstorm? It is not all that different from a normal day for us keepers. The … Continue reading "Keeper Stories – Tuesday, January 17"

Cases for Conservation

Cases for Conservation are boxes filled with curriculum, biofacts and other unique Zoo-related materials that can be checked out from the Zoo for a two-week period and utilized in your classroom setting, similarly to how one would check out a book from a library. Each Case is correlated with the Georgia Standards of Excellence, as well as … Continue reading "Cases for Conservation"


Taz is the father of twins Kali and Kazi, Macy B., Gunther, Henry, Merry Leigh, Andi, Anaka, Mija and Floyd. This usually serious 370-pound silverback has a silly side – he’s known to spin on wet floors and play with his sons. He’s a great catch during fruit feedings, and is predominantly left-handed. As his … Continue reading "Taz"

Willie B., Jr. (Kidogo)

Willie B., Jr. is the only male offspring of his famous late father, and he’s an exact likeness of Willie B. He’s a very large silverback with a playful, silly streak, sometimes running backward, playing in water, or sliding down wet hillsides. He currently lives in a family group with three females – Amari, Kambera, … Continue reading "Willie B., Jr. (Kidogo)"

Treetop Trail

Treetop Trail presented by Kaiser Permanente The Zoo Atlanta experience will climb to new heights with the opening of an all-new aerial playground  In spring 2017, all wildlife enthusiasts who have ever admired the skills of tree-dwelling animals will have a chance to test their own skills with the opening of an all-new aerial playground: … Continue reading "Treetop Trail"

Elephants for Africa

Elephants for Africa focuses its research on male African elephants in Botswana, home to the largest remaining populations of African elephant. The work done by Dr. Kate Evans and her team provides us with continued information about male African elephant society, population numbers, and the interactions between elephants and local Botswanan farming communities through continued … Continue reading "Elephants for Africa"

Keeper Stories – Tuesday, January 10

It’s our first Bird Team keeper blog of the year, and we have a really exciting new bird arriving! In late fall, we very sadly lost our elderly male wreathed hornbill Betelgeuse. He was the man, the beast, terror of the skies. Not really, but he was a tough and feisty old guy and a … Continue reading "Keeper Stories – Tuesday, January 10"

Reduce your carbon footprint

How does being green help save species? Recycling, reducing consumption, and making sustainable shopping decisions decreases the need for mining, fracking, logging, and quarrying, protecting precious habitats and the animals and plants that live there. Going green also decreases energy consumption, which greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Taking simple steps … Continue reading "Reduce your carbon footprint"

Panda Update – Wed. January 4 

Now that the cubs are able to walk a bit better, the next two tasks for them to tackle are climbing through the shift door into the adjacent den and managing to climb through the bamboo forest that Lun Lun leaves behind in order to follow her. Ya Lun has become quite the pro at … Continue reading "Panda Update – Wed. January 4 "

Keeper Stories – Tuesday, January 3

Move over Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence, there are some new celebs on the block! Okay, so our great apes won’t actually be walking the red carpet, but some of their vocalizations may be featured in a big upcoming Hollywood film. A film sound production crew made a stop at Zoo Atlanta to gather sound … Continue reading "Keeper Stories – Tuesday, January 3"