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The joys of Anaka!

Hey y’all, and welcome to another addition of Keeper Stories. My name is Sara Fee, and I’m a Senior Keeper for Gorillas. Today I’m going to spend some time focusing on one particular gorilla, because there just isn’t enough time for me to gloat about each of our 18 fabulous gorillas, but catch me in … Continue reading "The joys of Anaka!"

Introducing Treetop Tykes Trail presented by Kaiser Permanente

An all-new ropes course experience for Zoo Atlanta’s youngest explorers Memorial Day Weekend brings the debut of a new experience for Zoo Atlanta’s littlest guests. The all-new Treetop Tykes Trail presented by Kaiser Permanente offers children under 48 inches tall a ropes course adventure. With the assistance of a parent or guardian, children will zip, … Continue reading "Introducing Treetop Tykes Trail presented by Kaiser Permanente"

Are jackalopes real?

We scientists don’t have much patience for myths, science fiction, or pseudo-science. Legends of Bigfoot irritate our rational sensibilities. But sometimes it is really fun to dive into myths and tall tales and try to discover a factual basis for these wild ideas. Let’s consider my favorite one: the mighty, some would say creepy, jackalope! … Continue reading "Are jackalopes real?"

Getting to know Kambera, Shalia and Amari

Hello there!  My name is Cassie, and I am the newest member of the Gorilla Care Team here at Zoo Atlanta.  I thought being the new human girl around here, it was only appropriate that I introduce you all a little more to the three new gorilla girls we recently welcomed to Zoo Atlanta.  You … Continue reading "Getting to know Kambera, Shalia and Amari"

Welcome Amari, Kambera and Shalia!

While he doesn’t know it yet, the only son of Zoo Atlanta’s most famous gorilla is about to embark on a monumental new chapter as the head of a new family group. Zoo Atlanta is thrilled to welcome female western lowland gorillas Amari, Kambera, and Shalia. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ (AZA) Gorilla Species … Continue reading "Welcome Amari, Kambera and Shalia!"

Behind-the-scenes with the meerkat mob

Hey all! Meerkat Keeper Caleb here! With the recent addition of females Chica and Spot, the newest residents at our African Savanna, it has been an exciting time for the Meerkat Care Team! After giving the girls a few weeks to explore their new habitats and indoor dens, we began the introduction process between the … Continue reading "Behind-the-scenes with the meerkat mob"

Welcome Chica and Spot the meerkats!

Zoo Atlanta welcomes more new animal arrivals to the all-new African Savanna: Chica and Spot, two 6-year-old female slender-tailed meerkats. Recent arrivals from the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas, Chica and Spot have begun exploring their new home in the Zoo’s meerkat complex. The females, who are sisters, will be introduced to the male meerkats … Continue reading "Welcome Chica and Spot the meerkats!"

Blaze: the meerkat godfather

Hi all! Elephant Keeper Caleb here! Did you know the Elephant Care Team also takes care of the Zoo’s meerkats? It makes sense since they are right across the pathway from the Zambezi Elephant Center! Here at Zoo Atlanta, we currently have five meerkats that are split into two “mobs” – a “mob” is what … Continue reading "Blaze: the meerkat godfather"

Meet the Meerkats!

If you haven’t been by to visit lately, the African elephants now have some new, tiny neighbors in the all-new African Savanna, the slender-tailed meerkats! “Old man” Blaze and four younger male meerkats, Kingsley, Littlefoot, Spike and Petrie, recently moved into their new, expansive habitats on Tembo Trek. Kingsley is the uncle of 1-year-old brothers … Continue reading "Meet the Meerkats!"

Training with a new Major Mitchell’s cockatoo

Hi everyone! My name’s Shae, and I’m lucky enough to intern here at Zoo Atlanta with the World of Wild Theater. We work with the birds in the Ambassador Animals program and present the free-flight bird presentation, “Come Fly with Me!” Just watching the theater presentation is spectacular – birds swoop over guests’ heads seemingly … Continue reading "Training with a new Major Mitchell’s cockatoo"