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3 Reasons to Send Your Child to Summer Safari Camp

Three reasons why you should send your child to Summer Safari Camp at Zoo Atlanta

Summer will be here before you know it, so gift your child with an experience of a lifetime. Check out these three reasons why you should send your child to Safari Camp!

1. Safari Camp offers one-of-a-kind learning experiences.

Campers are immersed as they connect with Zoo animal ambassadors as well as the expert staff who care for them. These experts have made it their mission to ensure that campers develop their own passion about wildlife and understand their responsibility to protect and preserve our natural wonders, and our living lab provides the perfect location for engaging learning experiences.

Each week, campers collaborate with each other, facilitated by education instructors, on projects that focus on understanding wildlife, wild places and conservation. These projects require them to conduct research while thinking critically to find solutions to problems affecting nature. They are surrounded by learning in a fun and engaging way.

Finally, Camp is a place where children are learning the value of teamwork, how to have confidence in themselves, and how to be risk-takers and problem-solvers in a regulated environment. Through hands-on learning, campers come to appreciate the importance of wildlife and the interconnectedness of the ecosystems around them.

2. Safari Camp helps children connect with nature.

By gaining an appreciation for nature, campers will naturally want to protect wildlife. Here at Zoo Atlanta, we are stewards of more than 1,200 animals representing over 200 species. At Safari Camp, campers spend the week learning about these awesome creatures and exploring what makes them all unique. Campers participate in animal encounters throughout the week, enjoying an up-close and personal experience with our ambassador animal population.

While Zoo Atlanta is a great place to discover nature and wildlife, it is also important that campers have a chance to experience wildlife in a more naturalistic setting. At Safari Camp, we help campers understand that there is a beauty and diversity of life in their backyards. Each week, campers travel out to Grant Park (which surrounds the Zoo) to participate in a variety of activities such as nature walks, environmental research and group team-building games that enable them to learn through play, creating a deeper connection to the nature that surrounds them every day.

3. Safari Camp inspires children to become conservation advocates.

As a result of spending a week at Safari Camp, campers find and develop their own personal passion to make a difference. Our youth face the great task of inheriting a planet that is, in many ways, in peril, and our mission at Zoo Atlanta is to inspire young guests to value wildlife and become champions of change. At Safari Camp, campers begin their journey of stewardship

through an introduction to the plight of animals in the wild. At the end of each week, each camper leaves with attainable strategies and goals to combat environmental issues and are charged with finding simple ways that they and their families can make a difference. If you’re ready to give your child an amazing and impactful summer experience, register now!

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