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Panda Updates – Wednesday, May 17

If you follow our panda updates, then you have probably heard all about the twins’ increasing interest in leafeater biscuits. We have been progressively introducing them to the twins, and they are becoming more and more eager to receive them after their daily formula supplements, or to steal one from Lun Lun when she might not be looking.

Yesterday, we shifted Lun out of the dayroom so that we could clean up and give her fresh bamboo shoots. Ya Lun followed Lun into one of the dens while Xi Lun remained on the structure. This is not unusual; Ya Lun usually stays close to mom while Xi Lun is a bit more independent.

As we were cleaning, I noticed that Xi Lun wasn’t sleeping, but was rotating her body to hide her face from us as we moved about the dayroom. After we were done cleaning I went to put some cinnamon on the structure near Xi Lun, only to find her covered in biscuit crumbs! The entire time she had been munching away, hiding her treat from anyone she thought she might have to share with.

Jen W. and I had a good laugh at the effort she put in to hiding a biscuit that she had definitely stolen from Mom. You were caught red handed, Xi Lun!
Danica W.
Swing Keeper, Mammals
(photo by Danica W.)

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