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Panda Updates – Wednesday, June 21

If you watch PandaCam, you know that Ya Lun and Xi Lun can be quite rambunctious. When they aren’t napping, most of their time is spent wrestling, eating, or chasing Lun Lun around the dayroom. These girls can go zero to 60 in seconds! Ok, maybe more like zero to three or four, but you get the picture.

Their energy and playfulness could likely test the patience skills of any mother. It is incredible to watch Lun Lun’s patience and she is a great panda mom. When the playing is over or naptime has just ended, it’s quiet moments like this that really make you step back and realize just how good of a Mom Lun Lun is.

This morning, the cubs were running around and playing with Lun Lun in the dayroom when we started our day. Lun was chasing them up the structure and rolling around in the hammock with them. To be honest, it was so cute that I was watching PandaCam from the computer room before I even had my shoes all the way on. We were cleaning the building and waiting for the cubs’ bottles to warm up, and it got really quiet all of a sudden. I peeked over to see what Lun and cubs were up to and caught this quick moment of calm before the cubs were right back at their play session.

Lun Lun is the first animal I have worked with who currently has offspring living with her. It’s amazing to get to know the animals you work with as individuals with their own quirky personalities, but it’s also really cool to get to know Lun as a Mom.
Danica W.
Swing Keeper I, Mammals

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