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Monkey Feeding

Watch an afternoon feeding. 

Sun Bear Feeding

Learn about these impressive carnivores from their animal care professionals. 

Zoo Atlanta Trading Company

Offers an eclectic mix of toys, games, books (including books in Spanish), puzzles, souvenirs and unique collectibles. A portion of the proceeds for select items contributes to conservation efforts around the world.

Animal Tales: Storybook Reading

Each storybook reading is followed by a tactile experience such as touching animal artifacts, exploring a themed sensory bin...

Panda Pagoda

SHOP ONLINE Discover a variety of panda-rific gifts for panda fans of all ages. Offering a variety of toys, clothing and other panda-related gifts. Located at the Panda Veranda.


Fro-zen offers a variety of refreshing treats.

Treehouse Talk

Watch as the spectacular birds of The Living Treehouse forage and feed!  

Wild Burger

Whether you choose a classic cheeseburger or one of our gourmet Wild Burger options, you can expect 100% Angus Beef and fresh toppings.

Flamingo Joe’s

Located steps inside the main entrance of Zoo Atlanta, Flamingo Joe’s is your place for hot beverages or cold treats.

Lappet-faced Vulture Talk

Join a bird expert for facts on nature’s cleanup crew and be there for the vultures' afternoon feeding!