Games and Crafts

Make, learn, play, have fun.

Surf these pages for cool games and crafts, and learn how kids can make a green difference. Get crafty and follow our Pinterest board. 

Get Crafty


Meerkat Maze

Can you help this meerkat find its way home?


Orangutan Connect the Dots

Connect the dots to see the surprise!


Scavenger Hunt

Find the answers to the following questions at each animal habitat. Print out the PDF to bring to the Zoo!


Lemur Crossword Puzzle

Find the answers and read more about lemurs on their animal page.



Animal Print Frames

Create your own picture frame with wild prints.

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A Bird in Hand

Make your own colorful flock of birds.

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Coloring Cassowary

Color your own colorful cassowary.


Paper Plate Panda

Easy and fun way to make your own pandas!

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Panda Mask

Cut out your own panda mask!

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Color the Panda

Color the Zoo Atlanta pandas!