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Geocaching – A New Way to Explore the Zoo

Whether you’re visiting for the first time or are a long-time Member of Zoo Atlanta, the geocaching program provides guests with a new and fun way to explore the Zoo! Geocaching is a real-world treasure hunt in which the journey is often worth just as much or more than the “treasure” that is found.

There are many types of caches that people in the geocaching community hide and find. The simplest is the traditional cache. With a traditional cache, geocachers are provided with a set of coordinates that they will use to find the hidden cache. Another type of cache is called the mystery cache. These types of caches come in many varieties, but they often require the geocacher to visit more than one place or solve some sort of problem to discover where to go next.

Once a cache is found, geocachers have the chance to trade “treasure.” It’s always a fun surprise to see what “treasures” other people left behind. A log book is also always present so that there can be “proof” that you found the treasure. Pro tips: Always have a pen or pencil when geocaching, and always make sure to have some items to trade.

Zoo Atlanta currently has two separate caches located in public areas of the Zoo (public areas only – there are no caches in behind-the-scenes areas), one traditional cache and one mystery cache. For those who find the traditional cache, they have the chance to learn a little bit about the history of Zoo Atlanta. And of course, there will be fun items to trade!

The second cache is a mystery cache and requires the geocacher to visit multiple places around the Zoo. At each location, a clue will be revealed to help open the lock on the cache. In addition to the usual trade items, successful treasure hunters can take a conservation keepsake. Don’t forget to sign the log and add something you learned from your code-hunting adventure.

Geocaching is a self-guided activity and is available anytime the Zoo is open. To participate in this fun activity, all you need a GPS device, a pen/pencil, something to trade, and a sense of adventure. To get started, visit our geocaching webpage

Happy geocaching!

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