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Take Action

Take action to help wildlife

It can feel overwhelming to learn about the myriad issues facing wildlife around the world, but there are lots of different things we can do to make a difference!

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into conservation or looking to build upon your current habits, below are some suggested things you can do to play an active role in wildlife conservation. Everyone’s journey looks different, so don’t worry about trying to do everything at once. Start with something simple that fits your lifestyle and add new things over time to grow your impact. Progress is more important than perfection!

Protecting wildlife and wild places is easier than you think.

Helping wildlife doesn’t necessarily require a significant investment of time or resources. Below are some easy, free ways to help protect wildlife and their habitats.

  • Choose to reuse: Join a social media group or download the free Buy Nothing ™ app to participate in a local gift economy through the Buy Nothing™ Project. Learn more here.
  • Keep wildlife wild: Admire wildlife from a safe distance and do your research before intervening if you think a wild animal needs help. Learn more about living with wildlife here.
  • Leave No Trace: When you spend time in nature, leave it just as clean (or even cleaner) than you found it by making sure you only dispose of things in trash, recycling, or compost bins. Learn more about the Leave No Trace principles here.
  • Skip the straw: Unless you need one for medical purposes, declining plastic straws is an easy way to reduce your ecological footprint. Learn more about the impact of plastic pollution here.
  • Share what you learn – Whether it’s online or in-person, share what you learn about wildlife and tell others about the conservation actions you’re committed to taking. When posting on social media, don’t forget to use #OnlyZooATL to share with us, too!

Grow your impact

Are you already taking conservation action and ready to do more?

Learn more about the issues facing wildlife and find ways to grow your impact below.

Be a good neighbor to native wildlife

As human activities increasingly alter natural environments, we interrupt the processes that provide all species with food, shelter, clean air and water, and recreation.

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Gorillas on the Line

Zoo Atlanta and The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International are working together with Eco-Cell to recycle cell phones, help the environment, and raise money for...

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Quarters for Conservation

Change the World with Quarters for Conservation! Each time you visit Zoo Atlanta we send a portion of your ticket to field conservation programs for species...

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Reduce your carbon footprint

How does being green help save animals? Recycling, reducing consumption and making sustainable shopping decisions decreases the need for mining, fracking, logging, and quarrying, which...

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Shop sustainably (4)

You can save wildlife just by being a savvy shopper! Shop locally and sustainably to have a direct and positive impact on preserving animals and...

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More ways to support conservation at Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta Specialty License Plate

Your bumper battles extinction.

YOU help make it happen when you choose the Zoo Atlanta license tag. Every plate sold sends $10 directly to Zoo Atlanta’s work to care for wildlife here at home and around the world.

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Take a walk on the wild side!

Join our Volunteer Team.

Whether you’re a kid, adult, family or teen, we have volunteer opportunities for you! 

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