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Carnivore digestion

Happy National Zookeepers Week, everyone, Carnivore Keeper Allie here! As I am writing this, I’m stuffing my face with lots...
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Pun with Animals

Join Ambassador Animals Keepers Deidre and Emily for a lighter look at the world of wildlife during an extraordinary time...
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Baa, baa birthdays

Prepare yourself… the birthdays are coming…for our petting zoo herd! The goats and sheep who live in the petting zoo...
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Petting Zoo

Make new buddies in Outback Station, featuring friendly goats and sheep!
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What goats (really!) eat

Have you ever heard someone say, “Goats can eat anything”? Although goats do like to explore things with their mouths,...
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Building enrichment for ambassador animals

My time as an intern at Zoo Atlanta has been an amazing experience. One of my favorite things that I...
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Winterizing, adaptations and animal coats

Hello readers! My name is Adrianna, and I am keeper here at Outback Station. A little background about me, since...
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Keeper Stories – Tuesday, May 2

Hi everyone! I’m baaaack, and I’ve made the move from gorillas to goats! My name is Ashley, and I used...
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Keeper Stories – Tuesday, February 21

Hello from Outback Station! The keepers here in Outback work with a number of different species, but my personal favorites...
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