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Zoo Atlanta and Conservation South Luangwa

A key component of any successful conservation program is partnership. Zoo Atlanta is proud to partner with Conservation South Luangwa in Zambia to preserve and protect wildlife and wild places in South Luangwa National Park.

Conservation South Luangwa works in the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia’s Eastern Province. From patrolling the park to working with the local community, the organization collaborates with local stakeholders to achieve their goals of protecting wildlife and wild places in the region. Some of their key efforts include anti-poaching patrols in the park. In 2018, almost 17,000 miles were patrolled by their team members, leading to 478 snares being confiscated, 82 poaching suspects being arrested, and 100 elephant tusks confiscated.

Another key component of their work is mitigating human-wildlife conflict. Working with local communities, Conservation South Luangwa teaches farmers how to protect their crops from elephants with the use of chili peppers, as well as use of elephant-safe grain storage containers. These activities allow wildlife and humans to continue to live and prosper in close proximity. 

This partnership is a win-win for both Zoo Atlanta and Conservation South Luangwa.  It is a significant step toward a goal of increased leadership in African elephant conservation for Zoo Atlanta. Both organizations benefit as they share valuable information about elephants and other regional wildlife. Our Zoo guests benefit too, as we are able to share real-life stories from the region, creating deeper connections to the community and wildlife. To learn more, visit the all-new African Savanna at Zoo Atlanta, or visit

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