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Up-close with the lemurs

Hi, my name is Arianna, and I am a Keeper I on the Primate Team. I am lucky enough to work with many of the different species of primates here. I spend my week working with gorillas, lemurs, tamarins and sloths (sloths are not primates, but the Primate Team also takes care of them). One of my favorite activities to do as an animal care professional here is participating in our Lemur Wild Encounters and getting to talk to the guests all about lemurs and the amazing group that lives here at Zoo Atlanta. During your lemur encounter, you will also have the opportunity to meet and talk to one of our primate care team members here, including me! And we are ready to answer all of your lemur-inspired questions.

When you purchase a ticket for the Lemur Wild Encounter, you are not only getting to see our lemurs up-close and feed them, but you are also helping lemurs in the wild. A part of your ticket goes to help an organization called Madagascar Fauna and Flora. Almost all of the plant and animal life that are found in Madagascar are native to this island only, meaning they don’t exist anywhere else in the world. This includes lemurs, which in 2012 were named the most endangered mammals on the planet. Through research and educational programs in Madagascar, this organization aims to improve the habitat in Madagascar to be able to help the survival of the endangered species that call this island home.

We hope you come and visit our lemurs here soon, and hope to meet you at one of our upcoming lemur encounters!
Arianna Greer
Keeper I, Primates

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