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9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Thursday, August 11

You might have heard of the cool immersion program called Keeper for a Day, and I know you’ve thought how it would be so awesome to do that program with elephants or carnivores, but the real action is in program animals. If you want to see over 30 species of animals learning new behaviors, and even help out in those training sessions, check out the Show Birds and Animal Ambassadors Keeper for a Day. It is offered on the last Saturday of each month, and we’d love to share what we do with you! Just some of the things the keepers are working on now include target training our baby American alligators, Hercules, Odysseus and Perseus; kennel training our three-banded armadillo, Finnegan; training our barn owl, Soren, to sit on a glove for animal encounters; and training flights from one perch to another with our baby milky eagle owl, Rwenzori. We’ll also be training a lot of new animals this fall. We’re looking forward to the additions of some adorable rat pups, possibly a chinchilla kit or two, and two very adorable opossum babies! Check out our Keeper for a Day webpage and spend a day with us. We’re waiting to meet you!
Rebecca Bearman
Assistant Curator of Birds and Program Animals

Connect With Your Wild Side #onlyzooatl