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Panda Updates – Friday, February 24

This morning we gave Lun Lun, Ya Lun and Xi Lun access to the other dayroom. Lun Lun walked in...
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Panda Updates – Wednesday, February 22

The girls have become more and more comfortable hanging out in the dayroom. The proof is that they have found...
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Panda Update – Monday, Feb. 20

We gets lots of questions about the relationship between Yang Yang and the twins, but giant pandas are solitary by...
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Panda Update – Wednesday, Feb. 15

Trying to weigh squirmy cubs is rather difficult.  We offer the cubs supplemental formula three times a day, and weigh...
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Panda Update – Monday, February 13

You might have noticed that Lun and her little munchkins are in the dayroom for longer and longer periods each...
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Panda Update – Wednesday, February 8

My oh my … how much these cubs have grown! It has been about two weeks since I last worked...
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Panda Update – Monday, February 6

Whew! We had a big weekend in the panda building! On Saturday, Ya Lun decided to try her hand at...
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Panda Update – Wednesday, February 1

Today’s panda update is a topic we do have to talk about occasionally: Panda Poo! For the first three months...
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Panda Update – Mon. January 30

Our after-hours night shift in the panda nursery has officially come to an end. This is a great milestone for...
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Panda Update – Friday, January 6

Now that the cubs are more mobile, we are seeing some more personality differences come out. Ya Lun is bold...
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