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Update on our western lowland gorilla population: As a follow-up to the news we shared on Friday, September 10, about...
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Zoo Atlanta Announces Launch of Gorilla Cam

Zoo Atlanta introduces wildlife watchers around the world to a unique opportunity to observe the natural behaviors and daily movements...
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The Zoo maintains commitment to conservation support

Zoo Atlanta announces a commitment of support for five conservation programs protecting wildlife in the Republic of Sierra Leone, Brazil,...
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Behind the scenes with the gorillas

COVID-19 has forced all of us to make many lifestyle changes. It has even affected the way we at the...
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The international launch of Wildeverse

Even though the Zoo is temporarily closed, players in Atlanta and around the world can explore the jungles of Africa...
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A dynamic, passionate and hardworking team

Hey everyone, my name is Sara Fee and Iā€™m a Senior Keeper working with the gorillas in the Primate Department....
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Exploring bachelor gorillas’ social behaviors

Many of you have had the opportunity to observe our gorilla bachelor group of Mbeli, Kal and Gunther grow up...
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The adaptations that make gorillas special

Hello Zoo people! My name is Allie, and I am a member of the Gorilla Care Team here at Zoo...
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Exploring gorilla group dynamics

Hey friends, it’s Allie from the Gorilla Care Team, and today I’m going to teach you all about gorillas and...
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How do you give a gorilla a physical?

Hi everyone! My name is Hayley, a Keeper II on the Gorilla Care Team at Zoo Atlanta. I just started...
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