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How do elephants stay warm in winter?

As the weather cools and the leaves begin to fall, the elephant care team is often asked how the elephants...
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Summer’s almost over …

We’re all pretty done with summer over here, except for the naked mole rats, of course; if it’s not hot,...
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The amazing abilities of an elephant’s brain

My name is Catie, and I am the newest member of the Elephant Team here at Zoo Atlanta. One of...
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Cozy up to our naked mole rat colony

Happy New Year to all and welcome back from the holidays. If you’ve been around the Zoo recently, you have...
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Caring for pachyderm pads

We recently celebrated World Elephant Day at Zoo Atlanta along with zoological organizations, conservationists, researchers and elephant enthusiasts all over...
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Amazingly Adapted

The African elephants at Zoo Atlanta enjoy spending time in the sun. Visiting the Mzima Springs elephant habitat in the...
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Secrets of Elephant Trunks

Let’s do a little experiment. Find a small piece of food around you, about the size of a hard candy...
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