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Winterizing with the blue-throated macaws

As the cold weather settles in across the state, we are firmly reminded that winter is coming and will be...
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Hatching of a critically endangered vulture

The chick, currently being “puppet reared,” is the first vulture ever hatched at Zoo Atlanta. Zoo Atlanta is celebrating the...
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Breeding season for milky eagle owls

For most species of birds in the Zoo, breeding season ended months ago. But for a select few, it’s just...
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Helping birds stay warm

Can you feel it? If you have lived in Georgia or even in the southeastern United States, you know exactly...
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Winterizing for birds

It’s hard to believe that October is almost over! Fall is here, and not only are the leaves starting to...
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Technology and bird care

Hello – I’m Luke, a keeper in the Bird Department here at Zoo Atlanta! In my department, we incorporate a...
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Be bird-friendly!

The Atlanta area is home to over 250 species of birds. Whether you’re seeing them majestically soaring up in the...
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Bird banding on Hurricane Island

A couple of weeks ago I was afforded the opportunity to attend a bird banding workshop on Hurricane Island off...
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Exciting times for azure-winged magpies

If you’re familiar with birds or the Bird Department here at Zoo Atlanta, you will know one thing is certain...
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‘Tis the season

From kori bustards on the east side of the Zoo to blue cranes on the west side, eggs/incubation on the...
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