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9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Summer Safari Camp: An Experience of a Lifetime

Why Safari Camp?

Safari Camp immerses children into the world of wildlife conservation as they connect with the Zoo’s animal ambassadors and the team members who care for them. Our goal is to ensure that campers develop their own passion about wildlife and understand their responsibility to protect and preserve our natural wonders.

Each week, campers collaborate with each other, facilitated by Zoo educators, on projects that focus on understanding wildlife, wild places and conservation. These projects require campers to conduct research while thinking critically to find solutions to problems affecting nature both abroad and in their own backyards.

Finally, Camp is a place where children learn the value of teamwork and collaboration, increase self-confidence, and learn to take risks when it comes to problem-solving in a supportive environment. Through hands-on learning, campers can appreciate the importance of wildlife and the interconnectedness of the ecosystems around them.

What can I expect for my child from Safari Camp?

Campers will explore wildlife from around the world in the naturalistic settings that Zoo Atlanta works so hard to provide for the wildlife in our care. They will observe the features and behaviors that make each animal unique, as well as explore the issues that endanger their species, through age-appropriate projects, group activities and discussions with their educators.

When not visiting Zoo animals from around the world, campers will observe Georgia native wildlife in the Zoo’s backyard, Grant Park. In Grant Park, campers will have opportunities to identify and research native wildlife to gain a greater appreciation for the animals that live alongside us. Through our visits around the globe, and in Grant Park, campers will be introduced to strategies and decisions that they can make in their day-to-day lives that will positively impact the world we share with all animals.

Passion, empathy and problem-solving are keys to working toward a world in which people and animals can all thrive together. Your child is part of the next generation of conservationists to identify problems and design solutions that push our world in a positive direction. Give them the best start to their future in conservation by enrolling them now for Summer Safari Camp at Zoo Atlanta! We look forward to seeing you this summer!

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