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So much to learn from these amazing animals

Hi! My name is Jenny. I am an Ambassador Animal Swing Keeper. I am an animal care specialist within three different areas of the Ambassador Animal Department. I work in Outback Station, Wieland Wildlife Home, and occasionally help in the World of Wild Theater. The best part of my job, although also the most challenging, is caring for a variety of species. I work with mammals, reptiles and birds. For example, a few species I work with are chinchillas, rats, snakes, tortoises, goats and sheep, parrots, and even birds of prey. I also get a chance to collaborate closely with other wonderful animal care specialists to ensure the best care for the animals within our department at Zoo Atlanta.

My daily routine includes husbandry in the morning and providing different enrichment opportunities for all the animals throughout the day. For example, we have constructed a dig box and filled it with mulch for the armadillos. This dig box allows the armadillos an opportunity to dig and forage like they do in the wild.

I am also involved in training that helps the animals participate in their own care and help to create a positive relationship between us and the animals in our care. As a training example, we train the animals to kennel voluntarily to reduce stress when it is time to travel to encounters and presentations, as well as give the animal a choice to participate in the activity.

Finally, I get to help educate the public with our varying animal ambassadors by participating in animal encounters and presentations. It is satisfying to see our animals teach people how to be stewards of their environment or at least help people to consider our impacts on the environment.

There is so much to learn from these amazing animals and my team members, and I continue to learn every day. This is why being an animal care specialist is a rewarding job.
Jenny B.
Swing Keeper, Ambassador Animals

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