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Eastern indigo snakes reintroduced to the wild

Zoo Atlanta is part of a partnership to restore an iconic species to its native range. A new chapter in the wild began today for 26 eastern indigo snakes reared at Zoo Atlanta in the latest milestone in a conservation partnership to restore a native species to its original range. In a collaboration between Zoo … Continue reading "Eastern indigo snakes reintroduced to the wild"

A day as a Program Animals Keeper

Hello everyone, my name is Katie, and I am the Summer Seasonal Program Animal Keeper here at Zoo Atlanta! That long title basically means that I get to spend the summer hanging out with a fun group of keepers who work with some birds, reptiles and small mammals to bring great educational programs to you, … Continue reading "A day as a Program Animals Keeper"

Panda Updates – Wednesday, June 28

What can I say! These girls have grown so fast. It seems like yesterday, we were monitoring them 24/7 and now, they are becoming independent, young, goofy pandas. Today was extra goofy, because for enrichment we decided to change their environment by giving them mulberry browse, which they destroyed. We also let them have the … Continue reading "Panda Updates – Wednesday, June 28"

Beating the heat with the primates

It’s summertime, y’all! Or as I like to call it, only slightly hotter than the rest of the year, because hey – we live in Georgia. As a born and bred Georgia girl, I like to think that I have a natural tolerance to the heat and humidity, but even the toughest southerner has to … Continue reading "Beating the heat with the primates"

39 of Earth’s rarest reptiles

When writing these blogs as a zookeeper, I like to think about what snippets of information about our careers that our guests would be fascinated with reading. You all should remember that sometimes the extraordinary events that our guests get to experience when visiting the Zoo may appear to not faze us keepers. This is … Continue reading "39 of Earth’s rarest reptiles"

Meet the Artists

Sarah Flinn Christina Kwan Bridget Lyons Amy Ashbaugh Lamar Gilstrap Tiffany Davis Kendall Portis Sarah Blackaby Ana Guzman Sandra Massengill Don Meinders Sarah Horsley Erica Ramsey-Bowen Wes Mayer Eleanor Stecker Megan Fowler Fawne DeRosia Chelsey Austin Allie … Continue reading "Meet the Artists"...

Catching up with Ya Lun and Xi Lun

New foods and new skills are among the latest milestones for the only twin giant pandas in the U.S. WHO: The only twin giant pandas in the U.S. are well on their way to a series of exciting new milestones in the life of a growing bear cub. Ya Lun and Xi Lun, who were … Continue reading "Catching up with Ya Lun and Xi Lun"

Where are they now?

I can safely say all of us keepers love the animals. It doesn’t matter if we work with snakes or birds or elephants or naked mole rats or giraffes or alligators or lions. We care for and adore the animals immensely. So when they leave Zoo Atlanta (and us) for a new experience at a … Continue reading "Where are they now?"

Quarters for Conservation 2017-2018

Vultures, bush dogs and tigers will benefit from a commitment to direct 25 cents of every admission to saving species. Conservation projects in Kenya, Argentina and Sumatra are the three newest beneficiaries of the 2017-2018 program year of Quarters for Conservation at Zoo Atlanta. The program contributes 25 cents of every general admission ticket to … Continue reading "Quarters for Conservation 2017-2018"

Zoo Atlanta welcomes new Sumatran tiger

Emerson the tiger represents a powerful conservation message and a special connection to Zoo Atlanta. Zoo Atlanta welcomes a new set of stripes to Complex Carnivores: Emerson, a 10-year-old male Sumatran tiger. Emerson is a recent arrival from the Jackson Zoo in Mississippi and has been recommended by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ (AZA) … Continue reading "Zoo Atlanta welcomes new Sumatran tiger"