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South Georgia/Southern Alabama

This is an indigo snake you can visit at Zoo Atlanta. This snake is part of an amazing success story to reintroduce this important species back into the Conecuh National Forest in Alabama – a place it has not been seen since 1954.

Why do they need you?

The long-leaf pine habitat that indigo snakes need for survival has been reduced to less than 10 percent of its historical size. Indigo snakes have been persecuted and killed out of fear, as have many snake species. 

How is Zoo Atlanta helping?

Zoo Atlanta is raising offspring for the release portion of the project and has raised more than 100 snakes for the program.

Our Team

Robert Hill

Assistant Curator of Herpetology

Robert Hill is Zoo Atlanta’s Assistant Curator of Herpetology and has worked on a number of reptile and amphibian research and conservation projects in the southeastern U.S. and abroad. 

Meet Robert

How can you help?

  • Learn to respect (and not fear) snakes. Did you know that the average snake eats around 200 rodents a year? We want to keep them around!
  • Support legislation for sustainable development and habitat restoration.
  • Don’t support rattlesnake roundups or the gassing of gopher tortoise burrows.
  • Donate to help us save and breed more indigo snakes.


Beyond the Zoo

Learn more about Zoo Atlanta’s commitment to saving species.

The global decline of species and their habitats makes it clear that we need a multifaceted approach to conservation. Zoos are a critical component of this approach, with a responsibility to be a force that drives action.

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Want to learn more?

Visit the Georgia Department of Natural Resources for more information on this project. 

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