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Robert Hill

Curator of Herpetology

Robert’s more than 10 years of experience at Zoo Atlanta have been spent in the care of one of the nation’s largest and most recognized diversities of reptiles and amphibians. His background also includes work as an Amphibian Specialist at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, where he managed a collection of native and tropical amphibians.

Robert’s conservation leadership includes participation in a number of field projects to determine the status of native reptiles and amphibians. He has conducted surveys to document the presence of the deadly amphibian chytrid fungus in Georgia and has worked closely with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to monitor the health of the state’s eastern hellbender population. In recent years, his efforts have also included head-start and release programs for endangered gopher frogs.

He is a 2016 Quarters for Conservation Project Champion for Project Golden Frog.

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