Corporate Events

Corporate events in Atlanta have a variety of opportunities to be unique. When you book your corporate event at Zoo Atlanta, you can count on it being unique and OUTSTANDINGLY wild! With many creative spaces, including indoor and outdoor options, there’s always a way to create the event vision your team is looking for. 

Thanks to state-of-the-art catering, including options for dietary adjustments, corporate events are sure to have it all at Zoo Atlanta: flavorful meals, wildly entertaining views and gorgeous event spaces.

Reach out to us to learn more. We’re happy to assist in making your corporate event in Atlanta the best one yet!


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Corporate Galas and Banquets

When you book a corporate gala or banquet at Zoo Atlanta, you’re securing a fully-customizable and professional experience. Explore the Michael & Thalia Carlos Ballroom, a stunning venue that truly captures the majesty of the wild in the newly remodeled Savanna Hall. With panoramic vistas, the terrace offers a breathtaking overlook of the Zoo’s African Savanna.

But that’s not all – there’s an added bonus when you choose to host your event at the Zoo. By doing so, you’re not just creating a memorable experience for your guests; you’re also supporting a nonprofit organization dedicated to the well-being of animals and the conservation of wildlife on our planet. Your event at Zoo Atlanta contributes to the super stewardship of the animals here, and every dollar donated or paid for your event is maximized for the greatest impact.

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Corporate Meetings

Boasting an all-inclusive package for 20-50 people, our corporate event meetings include all-inclusive person package options. With a variety of conference rooms to meet all your company meeting needs, your team won’t miss a beat in our uniquely professional spaces.

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Company Picnic Package

Show your employees an exceptional and unforgettable experience with our company picnic package. Creating a Zoo picnic corporate event in Atlanta is effortless with a few spaces to choose from; Savanna Hall and Ford Pavilion serve as wonderful options with plenty of space. Picnics at the zoo take place exclusively during Zoo hours and come with distinct menu options that are sure to please every craving.

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Corporate Buyouts

Looking for acres of of fun and discovery? Our Corporate Buyouts just might be the answer. Elevate your corporate event with this exclusive option. Accommodating up to 5,000 people, any occasion can be transformed into a spectacular affair with entertainment options like face painters, magicians, stilt walkers and more!

Our corporate buyout events work best when we limit them to after Zoo hours, one hour after the Zoo closes. With a standard 3-4 hour event window, this option is ideal for a fully-customizable evening soirée.

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Savanna Vista

Capacity: 60 standing | 40 seated
Rates: $1,750

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Michael & Thalia Carlos Ballroom

Capacity: 620 standing | 550 seated
Rates: Up to $7,500

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Delta Savanna Terrace

Capacity: 300 standing | 150 seated
Rates: Up to $4,500

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Zoo Buyout

Capacity: 5,000
Rates: $13,500

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Ford Pavilion and Grand Patio

Capacity: 1,200 Standing | 950 Seated
Rates: $4,000

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Conservation ARC (Resource Center)

Capacity: 300 Standing | 250 Seated
Rates: $4,000

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Ford Conservation Room

Capacity: 185 Standing | 150 Seated
Rates: $1,250 Weekday | $1,850 Evening or Weekend

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Capacity: 75 standing | 60 seated
Rates: $650 Weekday | $950 Evening or Weekend

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The Coca-Cola World Studio

Capacity: 257 Theater
Rates: $1,500 Weekday | $2,000 Evening or Weekend

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Takamenda Gorilla Deck

Capacity: 100 standing | 70 seated
Rates: $1,200 Weekday Evening | $1,850 Weekend Evening

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Elephant Event Room

Capacity: 30 standing | 40 seated
Rates: $950

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Savanna Hall Conference Rooms

Capacity: 48 standing | 60 seated
Rates: $950

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