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Panda Updates – Wednesday, September 12

This past Sunday, we celebrated the last, but certainly not the least, of our giant panda birthdays for the year. Yang Yang turned 21 years old! Yang Yang spent his day doing what he does best: snoozing in the hammock and convincing his care team (actually just me; I’m the biggest pushover) to give him extra treats. We surprised him in the afternoon with several buckets of colored ice, a sugarcane-cicle, all his favorite scents, a frozen “2” and “1” with sweet potato pieces, and the biggest cardboard box he’s ever seen! Special thanks to the hoofstock care team who sent it our way. If you were lucky enough to catch it on PandaCam, Yang Yang crawled into the box and spent a few minutes eating leafeater biscuits in there. If you tuned in and couldn’t find him, there is a good chance that’s where he was.
Danica W.
Swing Keeper I, Mammals

(photo by Danica)

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