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Panda Updates – Wednesday, July 5

Those of you who watch our PandaCam may have noticed we have recently started giving Lun Lun and the cubs access to one of the dayrooms overnight. Ya Lun and Xi Lun were nervous about this change the first couple of nights, but quickly realized they enjoy sleeping in the structure overnight as much as they do during the day. Lun Lun also enjoys having extra space to eat and sleep overnight. In addition to offering Lun Lun and the cubs more space as the girls grow, we also like to give our pandas as much choice over their environment as often as we can. The cubs always seem to choose to sleep in the structure in the dayroom, but Lun Lun likes to nap in all of the dens as well as the dayroom and moves around frequently throughout the night.
Heather R.
Senior Keeper, Carnivores

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