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Panda Updates – Wednesday, April 12

Like most of you, I sometimes watch the PandaCam while working at my desk. There just isn’t enough panda in my life and I need to spy on them and check in. It’s official business after all. Today was quite a treat when I logged in just in time (around 12:45 p.m. local time) to see Lun Lun climb up the hammock and play with Ya Lun and Xi Lun. It wasn’t for very long, but it looked like they were having a blast. Ya Lun was playing with some bamboo and then Xi Lun pounced on her, and then Lun Lun plopped in between them and started wrestling and play-biting. It’s always wonderful to see our adult animals let loose and play like cubs again. Lun Lun is known to play with enrichment and really engage with her olfactory enrichment, but to see momma and her cubs play was just what I needed today.
Stephanie B.
Curator of Mammals

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