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Panda Updates – Monday, May 8

It was a beautiful and busy day in pandas this past Saturday. The weather was so fantastic we couldn’t wait to let the pandas out into the outdoor habitats. The cubs have been pretty reserved about going out. Usually they sit just inside their shift door and only venture out with a lot of coaxing from mom. As Katie mentioned in her previous update, we are really starting to see the cubs’ different personalities shine through. Xi Lun continues to be more reserved and cautious, while Ya Lun approaches new situations with much more eagerness. Saturday was another step for Ya Lun, as she went immediately into the outdoor habitat and played like crazy for most of the morning. I think Xi Lun caught on that she was missing all the fun and after a little while, she finally went out and joined her sister for some wrestle time on the structure.

While they were busy playing all day, we were busy getting everything ready for our big black-tie gala, The Beastly Feast. I think this picture of Xi Lun at the end of the day pretty much sums up how we all felt as we closed out our day.
Jenny E.
Lead Keeper, Carnivores

(photo by Jenny E.)

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