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Panda Updates – Monday, July 31

Yang Yang isn’t the only one in a playful mood the past few days! He has, however, caused early retirement for some of our enrichment items. We had a few casualties in the Jolly Ball department the past two weeks, but it’s not quite time to put them up for good. Some of the toys that Yang has deflated are now great chewing and play toys for the girls. After being thrown around the dayroom and yanked off the structures, the slightly deflated Jolly Balls are now much easier for the girls to maneuver around and chew on. Their favorite scent so far seems to be rubbing alcohol, so we will often hide biscuits or dab scents on them when we are setting up their dens or dayroom. Both girls also enjoy when we prop items high up in the structures, and it can be quite comical to watch them accidentally drop them near an unknowing sister or Lun Lun passing below.

We are lucky here at the Zoo to have an enrichment Wishlist where we can post items we think the animals would enjoy. Thanks to our great fans and supporters, we are always able to provide enrichment that is mentally stimulating for our animals. This not only allows them to highlight their natural behaviors, but it also allows our guests to see the animals solve puzzles, interact with their environment, or just show off some of their play behaviors and unique adaptations. If you would like to see if an item is listed for one of your favorite Zoo residents, you can check out the link below. The animals, keeper staff, and Jolly Ball population greatly appreciate it.

Zoo-wide wishlist:

More panda-specific wishlist:

Danica W.
Swing Keeper I, Mammals
Photo by Danica W.

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