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Panda Updates – Monday, July 17

Now that the girls are consuming more leafeater biscuits and consuming more milk (Mom’s and supplemental), there is quite a bit of panda poo involved! Cubs like to defecate in leafy bamboo to try and disguise and hide any evidence that they’re present, since in the wild, as cubs they are preyed upon by other carnivores. Ya Lun and Xi Lun don’t have to worry about any predators other than their playful Mom, but they still have that instinctual drive to defecate in leafy bamboo. This means that when we clean up each time Lun Lun is fed, we have to tread carefully. Cub poop is not like adult giant panda poop; it’s more of the “classical” looking and smelling poop (kinda like dog feces!). Now you know …
Jen W.
Keeper III, Mammals

(photo by Stephanie B.)

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