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Panda Updates – Monday, August 21

Due to his increased play behaviors and soliciting attention from keepers, we have been housing Yang Yang in Dens One through Three overnight. This way, he can hang out behind the scenes with us while we are closing down the building, and we are able to easily access his den area for any training sessions before we leave. One of my favorite ways to spend extra time at the end of the day is to just sit outside Yang’s den and hang out with him. He is a giant goofball and likes to run back and forth through his dens and play “tag” with his keepers too (we are always of course on the other side of the protective barrier and never share a space with him). Yang’s overnight sleeping arrangement also means that we can give Lun and the cubs both dayrooms overnight. When we first started doing this, the cubs wouldn’t stray very far from Lun Lun, unless they fell asleep on the structures and she was still foraging between the dayrooms. Gradually, Xi Lun began sleeping on the structure in Dayroom One, and Ya Lun quickly followed. This morning we found Lun and cubs fast asleep in separate structures. The girls have started taking up all the space on the Dayroom One structure, so Lun Lun nestled in at the top of the teepee structure in Dayroom Two. I’m sure Lun Lun enjoyed the quiet time to herself, and it’s great to see the girls gaining independence. They are almost 1 year old after all!
Danica W.
Swing Keeper I, Mammals

(photo by Stephanie B.)

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