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Panda Updates – Monday, April 3

We know the cubs are getting comfortable with each new area when they are able to sleep in that area. Previously, they had some playtime in Dayroom 2, the tepee room, but then when they were ready for a nap, they climbed back into Dayroom 1, the hammock room, and settled down. The other day, however, Ya Lun spent almost the entire day in Dayroom 2! She played with Xi Lun (pictured) for a long while and when it was nap time, instead of following Xi Lun into Dayroom 1, she climbed to the top of the tepee structure and fell fast asleep. She stayed up there until around 3 p.m., when Lun Lun decided she should join the family in the other dayroom and encouraged her to come down.
Keeper II, Mammals
(photo by Jen W.)

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