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Panda Updates – Friday, September 15

Some of you may have seen the adorable photo of Yang Yang playing with bubbles last week. This week, we tried the bubble machine with Lun Lun and the cubs. They were not as excited about it as Yang Yang was. Ya Lun and Lun Lun were busy eating, so that likely explains their lack of interest. Xi Lun watched the bubbles, but then seemed a little unsure about them and moved away. It’s not uncommon for giant pandas, especially youngsters, to be wary of things they have never seen before. We will try again at a time when Lun Lun and Ya Lun are not eating. I know Lun Lun enjoys playing with bubbles. I think if the cubs see Lun Lun playing with them, they will join in and Xi Lun will learn the bubbles are fun to interact with.

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Heather R.
Senior Keeper, Carnivores

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