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Panda Updates – Friday, May 19

Some of you may have thought recently, “My, Lun Lun’s looking a bit chunky.” Well, you’d be correct in that assessment! Our mama bear is a little on the heavy side, and by a little I mean about 20 kilograms. We monitor all of the bears’ weights very closely and do this by weighing them twice a day (even the little nuggets). Given that Lun is caring for twins, we are allowing her a little extra padding because of this. We always see her balloon a bit when she has had cubs or especially twins, and with the Meis she also got pretty heavy. So, this is not abnormal and we aren’t concerned. We joke that her stomach is bottomless, but there’s actually a lot of truth in that! She loves to eat! After her post-lunch nap, we keepers are relieved to see her burn some of those calories during her intense play sessions with the cubs…after all, a girl’s gotta keep an eye on her figure!

Jen W.
Keeper III, Mammals

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