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Panda Updates – Friday, June 5

All is well in PandaLand. Just as Danica and Heather mentioned in recent updates, over the past month, all of the bears were eating bamboo shoots like there was no tomorrow. On one occasion, we went through almost 150 kilograms of shoots just in a few days’ time (not including what was offered overnight)!

When it’s cooler here in the mornings, the bears can spend some time in our outdoor habitats before the official heat of summer gets here. Recently, though, we had some habitat work being done and there were a few rainy days. On days like those, we have the option to keep the bears in one of our climate-controlled dayrooms or in one of our behind-the-scenes den spaces. Having these options means that throughout the day we can rotate each bear from space to space, which is not only enriching for them by changing up their environment, but it also allows the Panda Care Team to interact more with the individual or individuals who are behind the scenes.

For example, the other day we had Xi Lun and Ya Lun in one of the behind-the-scenes areas, which they really enjoyed because it meant the Panda Care Team could pass them shoots easily and more often. They both filled themselves up on so many shoots in the morning that they decided to take a long nap afterwards, but once they were up, it was back to eating more shoots. Like I mentioned earlier, we always like to give the bears options and change up their spaces. Since the twins had spent most of the day behind the scenes, we decided to give them the choice of having access to one of our dayrooms. They spent time in each space, sleeping out on the structure together in one of the dayrooms, and then coming back to the den to eat more bamboo. I think it’s safe to say that the twins had a great day napping, playing, and eating as many shoots as their hearts desired.

Amanda D.
Keeper I, Mammals

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