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Panda Update – Wed. January 4 

Now that the cubs are able to walk a bit better, the next two tasks for them to tackle are climbing through the shift door into the adjacent den and managing to climb through the bamboo forest that Lun Lun leaves behind in order to follow her. Ya Lun has become quite the pro at climbing through the shift doors. She also now is starting to manage pretty well at climbing through the bamboo in order to get to Lun Lun. Xi Lun does well with climbing through shift doors as well. She now seems to manage the bamboo forest pretty well too. Although they are handling it well, they still seem to be wobble and will tumble from time to time, but they don’t let that stop them. They also are enjoying playing and biting on the bamboo, although they are not yet eating it. They do seem very interested in it, especially Ya Lun. Check out the video of them making their way through the forest on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! 
Katie G.
Keeper III, Mammals 

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